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Selecting the Right Cubicle Layout for Your Office

The Cubicle, or Workstation as it is also known as, is designed using partition walls and horizontal desk surfaces to create a workspace that insulates an employee from the distracting sights and sounds of the office.  This allows the employee to sit and carry out their duties in comfort while allowing for voluntary changes in the working position.  Office Cubicles, if designed and installed correctly, allow for excellent privacy and they create a workspace that is easy to personalize.


This configuration creates an open feel in the office.  Intended for its use as collaborative space, the bullpen set-up is one very large cubicle that allows for multiple employees to work side-by-side.   A bullpen setup is often implemented for teams of employees, such as marketing teams or project management teams, because it allows for easy interaction.

Straight Run
A straight run of cubicles is a row of cubicles that are all connected side-by-side.   Straight runs typically line up against a wall and are usually found in smaller offices.   This straight run of cubicles helps save space and money because the cubicles share walls.

Most likely, you've seen larger offices full of groups of cubicles.   A cluster is when a group of cubicles share a center spine or shared centralized frame.  This is an ideal setup for large offices because it is a great way to maximize the workspace and save more on a larger purchase.

Private Office
This is the perfect way for creating offices that can evolve as the business does.   Private office cubicles don't require permanent walls and can be reconfigured when needed in the future.   Typically,  private offices measure 86in tall,  but can measure up to 102in.


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